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Mental Health Therapy

Orlando Counselor

I work with a range of individuals and couples of all ages, races, and sexual orientation.

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Family Therapy

Your family is complex and unique.  Although it may have functioned quite well for some time, life's challenges can sometimes cause the family some imbalance as it struggles to regain its footing during difficult times. I guide my clients on every step of the process and implement various methods that help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complicated matters. Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you.

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can feel intimidating. You might think that I am there to judge you or take sides.  The truth is that my job as your therapist is to help you develop a plan that meets BOTH of your needs.  I consider both of your perspectives and values equally. Once we have figured out the issue and establish your goals, we take an experiential approach where we do activities that focus on communication skills, recognizing destructive patterns, and practicing new techniques to enrich the union. Contact me today see what I have to offer.


Individual Therapy

My Individual Therapy sessions help clients gain insight on their issues by deeply examining all aspects of their lives.  Once there is understanding on why the client arrived at the issue, I implement cognitive behavioral methods to help them develop positive attitudes that in turn will make them feel better.  Call me today and allow me to help you change into a better you.

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